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Packaging sleeves printing for Boxes

 You can turn your product packaging into the talk of the town by using sleeve printing for boxes. Available in different sizes and materials, packaging sleeves printingare a great way to attract attention to your product. With the right design, it can even sell itself! Read on to discover the various design options that can help you create a packaging style that's sure to attract attention and convert those casual glances into sales! Whether your product is made of honey, jam, or jam-filled jars, you can find the right custom sleeve to meet your packaging needs.

One of the best features of shrink-sleeve jar packaging is the ability to customize its labeling. This type of box sleeve printing usapackaging makes use of the entire surface area of the container, illustrating the product's messaging and creating a sleek and aesthetically appealing design. While traditional labeling may have multiple lines and colors, this type of labeling allows you to customize your labels to fit the rest of the container's decoration. Then, you can choose to include tamper-evident features like a warning label or an expiration date.

The next benefit of sleeve jar packaging is the increased visibility of the product. When used with custom labeling, this packaging type will ensure your product is more visible on the shelf and create brand recognition. By covering the lids of food containers, your product will be less likely to spill out during transport. Furthermore, it will help customers remember your brand when they see it, as they will be able to recognize it more easily when they receive it.

Another benefit of packaging sleeves printingis its low cost. Compared to PS labels, shrink-sleeve labels are 25% cheaper than PS labels, and allow you to save on packaging elements such as the shrink-sleeve jars. Additionally, theyare thinner and can be removed for recycling, allowing beverage makers to make smaller-scale specialty packaging. It also helps you reduce your carbon footprint as shrink-sleeve labels are easy to remove for recycling.

Another feature of shrink-sleeve jar packaging is the ability to apply them to any shape container. A shrink band can cover just the lid or the cover, or it can even extend over the cap or cover to provide a secure, tamper-resistant seal. Another advantage of shrink-sleeve jar packaging is that it is easy to order. Simply enter your information, and a sales representative will contact you with more information about shrink-sleeve jar packaging

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